This text introduces the fundamental techniques for controlling dead-time processes from simple monovariable to complex multivariable cases. Dead-time-process-control problems are studied using classical proportional-integral-differential (PID) control for the simpler examples and dead-time-compensator (DTC) and model predictive control (MPC) methods for progressively more complex ones. The text analyses MPC as a dead-time-compensation strategy and shows how it can be uses synergistically with robust DTC tuning methodologies. Readers will benefit from the following particular features of this text: interlinked study of PID, DTC, and MPC for dead-time processes in a single source; exercises and further reading for each chapter; case studies based on real industrial problems with solutions that are simple to understand and easy to implement; MATLAB® code to help analyse and control dead-time processes including code for all the examples in the book available for download from the Web.

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