COOKING FOR ONE BY MARJORIE BARON RUSSELLCONTENTS CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCING THE AUTHOR AND MR CLARK CHAPTER 2. BREAKFAST FOR ONE CHAPTER 3. LUNCH OR SUPPER FOR ONE CHAPTER 4. THE BIG MEAL OF THE DAY CHAPTER 5. VISITORS FOR TEA CHAPTER 6. SAUCES AND EXTRAS INDEX "CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCING THE AUTHOR AND MR. CLARK WHEN the War was still raging in Europe, and black-out came down soon after sunset, there was really very little to talk about that gave one real satisfaction but Food and especially "What I Should Like to Eat Now". In the middle of an entrancing conversation with an old friend about what we had most enjoyed for dinner six years ago, the first faint prenatal stirrings of this book took place. The talk branched off towards breakfast, and the right way to cook bacon, "My difficulty," said Aubrey, "is that there are no cookery books or none that I can find that tell you how to boil eggs, how to make tea and coffee, how to boil potatoes, and so on," "Surely," I said, "everybody knows...

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