Cooking in Ten Minutes, subtitled The Adaption to the Rhythm of Our Time, features over 300 recipes, all of which can be prepared in ten minutes -- no microwave required. Here we find ultra-rapid soups, extemporary sauces, instantaneous egg dishes, together with vegetable, fish and meat recipes, and sweets that can be prepared rapidly. Introduction by Raymond Blanc, drawings by Andre Giroux. Two cookery books by Edouard de Pomiane. Uncomplicated, wonderful recipes from a witty, informal gourmet. Pomiane, one of the most innovative French chefs, is never afraid to fly in the face of tradition. These books deserve to be on the shelf of every serious cook. 'I adore Pomiane; for me he is completely inspirational. All his recipes sound simple yet utterly alluring. His books, full of irreverent good sense and exciting dishes, are among my most treasured possesions. He has the rare ability to appeal to both serious and armchair cooks.' -- Darina Allen 'Don't think of Pomiane as a great chef, though he was, but as a guide to living food.' -- Christopher Driver. A good teacher, philosopher and a very happy cook. He will pour light on both your cooking and attitude to life.' -- Raymond Blanc. 'The best kind of cookery writing' -- Elizabeth David

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