Resolve all your workaday questions with the PCB answer book.Defining the best in printed circuit board design and technology and unparalleled in thoroughness and reliability, Coombs' PRINTED CIRCUITS HANDBOOK, Fifth Edition provides definitive coverage of every facet of printed circuit assemblies, from design methods to manufacturing processes. This new edition of the most trusted guide to pcbs gives you: * Exhaustive coverage of HDI (High Density Interconnect) technologies including design, material, microvia fabrication, sequential lamination, assembly, testing, and reliability* Coverage of fabrication developments including: blind and buried vias, controlled depth drilling, direct imaging, horizontal and pulse plating* Thorough examination of base materials, including traditional and alternative laminates* Understanding of effective quality and reliability programs, including: test & inspection, acceptability criteria, reliability of boards and assemblies, process capability and control* Full treatment of multi-layer and flexible printed circuit design, fabrication and assembly advanced single- and multi-chip component packaging* Contributions from pros at Motorola, Cisco, and other major companies* Included CD-ROM, with the entire book in searchable format* Hundreds of illustrations and instant-access tables, and formulas

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