Supported and co-published by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), Counselor Preparation is the only all-inclusive, long-term national study of counselor preparation programs. It is an outstanding reference for faculty, administrators, students, and practitioners alike, offering comparative data for administrative decisions and a comprehensive resource for students who want to know more about an institution's ability to meet their personal requirements, academic needs and career goals. Detailed information on over 300 individual graduate institutions across the United StatesListings within each institution that total over 500 different master's degree offeringsFaculty and department demographics, including percentages of faculty who are active practitioners and National Certified Counselors (NCCs)Unique department features, degree requirements, program sizes, and graduate placementA special tribute to CACREP, celebrating 25 years of contributions to the fieldA new section on International Program Data, with information gathered from programs in New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Romania, Malaysia, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the United KingdomIn addition to program information, the authors have included statistical interpretations on entry level programs (master's and specialists) and doctoral level counselor preparation programs. The authors also interpret the current status and probable trends of preparation programs within each counseling specialty, and include courses to be added or dropped and other anticipated changes within departments. This book is an outstanding resource for faculty, administrators, students, and practitioners. It is now considered a classic reference for the counseling profession, containing vital information for counselor educators and students.

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