A collection of five erotic stories with mixed menage and partner swap themes.The Couple with the Dragon Tattoo by Giselle RenardeMarva and Gerry consider themselves a pretty boring couple. They know why theyre so besotted with their new friends, Vijee and Lilliana, a pair of polyamorous pansexual BDSM enthusiasts, but why on earth does this lesbian couple want to spend time with a pair of dull heterosexuals? When the women offer to show Marva and Gerry the dragon tattoo that spans both their bodies, will they find an escape from monogamy is also an escape from monotony?Intrigued by Sommer MarsdenYou dont screw with a good friendship--not the kind where everyone gets along. But when beautiful Dana McClearly suggests that maybe Daniel and Eileen step their friendship upa notch, Eileen is all ears. Dana suggests a little switch-up on traditional friendship, so to speak. The plan is simple. They meet at a venue as couples and during the intermission, take a quick break to experience the others spouse, then they leave as they came. As couples. Eileen has seen the way that her husband looks at Dana, and who can blame him. But what Eileen is really wondering is what will it be like to be with Andrew. Something shes secretly wondered before. But now she gets to find out...Quay Party by Courtney JamesMias best friend, Jacqui, always has to go one better at everything, so its no surprise when Mia learns her latest boyfriend not only owns a restaurant, he has his own boat, too. When Mia and her boyfriend, Ray, are invited to spend the weekend on board the Lusty Lady, they have no idea their stay will turn into an orgy of seduction and voyeurism.Like a Moth to a Flame by Elizabeth BlackAmelia took Peter as her lover but there was one obstacle in her way Peters wife. She wanted to make his wife her own at the opening of the Celestial Gallery Of Fine Arts that evening. Little did Peter and his wife know that Amelia soul was very old. She fed on blood as well as fine food and Benedictine. Once Amelia set foot in that gallery she would claim Peters wife as her own, and she knew the woman would be unable to resist her. His wife would be like a moth to a flame.Kicks by Landon DixonHe found her standing out in the rain, fuming that her husband had neglected to pick her up, yet again. He was willing to give her a ride anywhere she wanted. She wanted the alley. She wanted him to fuck her. Its never that easy, though, not when theres an angry husband out gunning for you.These stories have also been published in Partner Swap ISBN 9781907761744 / 9781907761751

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