Some communicators, like Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, just seem to have the "natural ability" to communicate well with anybody, anywhere, anytime. They didn't have to learn how to communicate from a book or a course--they just picked it up along the way in life, or it was wired into them at birth. The vast majority of us, on the other hand, are unconscious about how to communicate, and when it comes to effective communication, we're babes in the wood. Our lack of training leaves us vulnerable to professional message makers like Frank Luntz and Newt Gingrich, who have been working for decades to convince average working Americans that their interests correspond with those of the mega-wealthy and multinational corporations. To a large degree since 1980, they've succeeded. But Americans everywhere are starting to see that the policies put into place supposedly on behalf of working people are actually harming working people—not to mention the planet and the prospect of our...

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