Published as a programme text for the world premiere at the Finborough Theatre in October 2008, Cradle Me is a tender, powerful play about the aftermath of a family tragedy. Following an unspeakable yet avoidable tragedy, a family findsthemselves torn apart by grief and turning for comfort to Daniel, thetroubled teenage boy who lives next door. Having experienced their tragedy first hand, Daniel shares intheir grief in a way that creates an individual bond with each memberof the family. Louise is the prepubescent daughter whose burgeoningsexuality makes Daniel an obvious target for her affections. Graham isthe grieving father who recognises Daniel as knowing his dead son in away that he never could and now never will. However, it is Marion, the dead boys mother, who expresses hergrief through Daniel in a way that will ultimately lead both he and herfamily on a path that will irrevocably alter the course of their livesforever.

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