The CRC Handbook of Thermodynamic Data of Aqueous Polymer Solutions provides a new and complete collection of the practical thermodynamic data required by researchers and engineers for a variety of applications including: basic and applied chemistry; chemical engineering; thermodynamic research; computational modeling; membrane science and technology; and environmental and green chemistry. This book details such advanced applications as the separation of complex biochemical mixtures and the purification of proteins in aqueous two-phase systems. An advantage of the CRC Handbook of Thermodynamic Data of Aqueous Polymer Solutions is that the data is compiled into one comprehensive source. The data - which includes such developments as vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibria, low-and high-pressure equilibrium data, enthalpic and volumetric data, and second virial coefficients - is necessary in studying intermolecular interactions, gaining insights into the molecular nature of mixtures, and providing the necessary basis for any developments of theoretical thermodynamic models.

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