"We have at our disposal one of the greatest vehicles–building known to humankind––the one called education." ––from the foreword by Parker Palmer "Connecting authentically and deeply with others across all dimensions of life enriches the human spirit. The sense of community resulting from such connections is a hallmark of a supportive campus environment, which we know is an important factor in enhancing student learning. The contributions to this book offer a vision we can work toward and provide instructive examples from different types of institutions to point the way." ––George D. Kuh, chancellor?s professor and director, National Survey of Student Engagement, Indiana University "Ernie Boyer was a giant in higher education. This book, a resource guide, focuses on one of his great loves––campus community. The book examines his contributions and offers a compelling agenda for action." ––Arthur Levine, president, Teachers College, Columbia University "This...

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