The first crusade was set in motion by Pope Urban II in 1095 and culminated in the capture of Jerusalem from the Muslims four years later. In 1291 the fall of Acre marked the loss of the last Christian enclave in the Holy Land.This Pocket Essential traces the chronology of the Crusades between these two dates and highlights legendary figures such as Richard the Lionheart and Saladin. The Crusades explores the creation and subsequent struggles to survive of the kingdom of Jerusalem and other crusader states, while also assessing the successes and failures of the Third Crusade. It looks at the truths and the myths behind the orders of military monks like the Hospitallers and examines such strange historical events as the Children's Crusade and the crusader sacking of Byzantium in 1204. This book provides all the essential information about one of the great unifying and dividing forces of medieval Christendom.

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