Hold the line on price in every transactionfrom the leading expert on Value-Added Selling!These days it seems like were always in a buyers market. But even at a time when the word value is usedinterchangeably with cheap and the Internet is a bargain hunters paradise, there are ways for sales professionalsto regain the upper hand.In Crush Price Objections, Tom Reilly, bestselling author of Value-AddedSelling, teaches field-tested tactics for engaging price shoppers and holding the line on declining profits. Itprovides tips and tactics for:Developing a price-objection counterattack before you meet with buyersUsing questions and compelling presentations to move theconversation away from the subject of priceDestroying price objections if they surfaceUnderstanding why and when to raise your pricesCreating winning bidson paper and onlineCrush Price Objections offers you the tactical support you need to focus specifically on price resistance inorder to attain maximum profit in the most challenging circumstances. Let Tom Reilly show you how to stophagglingand start closing!

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