He'll always be your little boy, and you'll always be the first woman who loved him unconditionally and believed in him completely. And as he grows into the wonderful man you knew he would become, he begins to realize that if he has anyone to thank for who he is, was, and will be, it's Mom. A Cup of Comfort for Mothers & Sons explores the depth and importance of the indestructible bond between mother and son. Here, ordinary mothers and sons explore all they mean to one another, and give thanks for the connection that has never failed them. A mother's love and faith sees her seven-year-old boy through a coma to a miraculous recovery. A wife discovers the depth of her husband's kindness and caring when he nurses his Alzheimer-stricken mother. A son whose mother died when he was only sixteen finds that she nonetheless provided a lifetime of mothering and love before she passed away. A teenage son and his mother make a deal: He stays on the straight and narrow, and she stops nagging him to fill the ice cube trays. This installment in the unparalleled Cup of Comfort series is a surefire winner for all the sons and mothers you cherish in your life.

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