What are the new trends in Customer Experience that you need to start thinking about now to gain competitive advantage? To stay ahead of the competition it is imperative to understand the emerging trends that can help you improve your Customer Experience. Following research, discussions on innovation with industry analysts, and stimulating debates with forward thinking clients, Beyond Philosophy, the world thought leaders in Customer Experience, reveal three major trends: Trend One: Understanding what motivates your customers at a deep, psychological level is what will differentiate you from your competition. To achieve this you need an entirely different approach. We will share how you can use psychological insight to improve the Customer Experience (Experience Psychology) and make something essentially the same, feel like something different. Trend Two: Embrace Social Media and develop a new mindset focusing on the experience, NOT the technology. Ground breaking research is revealed that uncovers what drives or destroys value in a 'Social Experience' and what specific actions organizations should be taken to build an experience that drives value - $$$. Trend Three: Neuroscience, the study of the brain, will have a fundamental effect on the way we understand and relate with customers. We take a peek into the not too distant future where you will not have to ask customers how they feel; you will read the brain waves that will tell you even before they know themselves.

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