This book is a comprehensive review of the current knowledge on cytokines and cancer. Cytokines play a variety of roles in cancer, both as components of pathogenetic mechanisms, as well as agents used in the treatment of certain malignancies. To date, there has not been a book that covers both basic science and translational/clinical research in the field of cytokines in malignancies. This book is written by leading figures in the field of cytokine biology and cytokine therapeutics and is specifically focused on this subject. The book is divided into two parts. The first part is focused on current developments in the basic science field. There is a particular emphasis on novel mechanisms of cytokine actions in malignant cells. The second part deals with translational and clinical research in the field, and many of the authors of these chapters were among the first to introduce several cytokines in the treatment of certain tumors. Collectively, the information provided in this book will be helpful to people in the medical field at several levels, including medical students, interns, residents, clinical and basic science researchers, as well as oncologists in practice.

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