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This bitesize ebook fulfills two functions. Firstly, it acts as a guide to some of the important aspects of the infamous Dachau Concentration Camp and, secondly, it highlights and explains the significance of the main memorials that now stand on the grounds of the former concentration camp. Hundreds of thousands of people from all continents visit Dachau Memorial Site each year. Any visitor to the Memorial Site will find "Dachau Concentration Camp - A Guide to the former Concentration Camp and the Memorial Site" a useful aid when planning or making their visit. There is little, recently written and reasonably priced literature which deals in a clear and concise manner with key themes. The ebook has been published in response to questions that were often raised when the author conducted the "open tour" of the Memorial Site. Visitors were keen to understand who was imprisoned and why, they were curious to know how prisoners arrived and the procedure of being processed into "protective custody" at the concentration camp. Furthermore, they wanted to know the significance of the religious and non-denominational memorials and the importance of Baracke X. "Dachau Concentration Camp - A Guide to the former Concentration Camp and the Memorial Site" addresses these themes. As well as being an aid when visiting the Memorial Site, it can also be read independently either to complement existing literature or simply to give a good overview of the Dachau Concentration Camp. It is written in an accessible style with accounts of former prisoners used to illustrate the conditions which existed within the concentration camp. It also includes over 40 contemporary and historic photographs as well as a bibliography for further reading. [approximately 15,250 words, 42 photographs]

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