Five erotic stories with a 'Crimes of Passion' theme.Damsel in Distress by Troy SeateA speed trap outside a dusty desert town results in more than a husband and wife reunion, when they find themselves in the hands of naughty police officers who definitely love to break the law. Is distress, like pleasure, all in the mind and body of the beholder?Belly Dance by Landon DixonVi Voom was pregnant, according to her husband, Hollywoods shortest movie tycoon Colonel Tilson T. Pickett. And he hadnt salted her eggs, because his lil pardnerd been limper than Hoovers economic recovery plan the past six months. The ol cowpoke wanted Dick Polk to find the penetrating perpetrator, and the Tinseltown PI was up for the task, in more ways than one. Little did they both realize, though, that Polkspoking around would uncover the deepest, darkest, dirtiest secret any sultry screen siren could dare to conceal under her filmy femme frock.Who Pays? by JR RobertsWanting to enjoy the late summer sunshine, the young couple head south, planning to spend a day hanging out at the beach. But what starts as a frisky fumble whilst speeding down the motorway gets them into big trouble. Pulled over for erratic driving by a handsome, horny traffic cop and unable to pay the on the spot fine, they all agree on another form of payment. Up the embankment, Miss gets swept right off her feet and Sir ends up having a close encounter with a tree. So who does pay?Return of the Black Lily by Elizabeth ColdwellThe former jewel thief known as The Black Lily is now living in retirement, but shes finding it boring, even with her lover and slave, Jocelyn, by her side. An invitation to a friends weekend house party offers the chance of a return to her old life, when she spots an antique jade sex toy she simply has to have. But what will be the consequences of taking such a thrilling risk?The Fire Triangle by Mia LovejoyVern feels the burn for a hot new recruit on his fire crew rumoured to be a lesbian and a witch. Married to Holly, his attraction to Claire couldnt be more inappropriate. Just when Vern thinks his devilish desire for a scorching love triangle is under control, all hell breaks loose as arson fires pop up on the forest. As the districts only Law Enforcement Officer, he is obligated to investigate. Fortunately, he cant help but to get himself into a compromising positionThese stories have also been published inCrimes of PassionISBN 9781907761812

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