The Cinderella Scandal by Barbara McCauley Wealthy playboy Reid Danforth was teaching baker's daughter Tina Alexander all the ways a man could please a woman...over and over again. But passion had a price and if their families found out, there would be hell to pay... Man Beneath the Uniform by Maureen Child Seasoned warrior Zack Sheridan spent thirty days and thirty nights shadowing sharp-tongued, wealthy Kimberly Danforth's every move, breathing her scent, memorising every curve of her body... And duty fought desire every second... Sin City Wedding by Katherine Garbera Larissa had kept her son's birth a secret. But now she had to tell Jake Danforth the truth. She was prepared for Jake's shock, anger, and the desire flooding her veins each time he touched her...She wasn't prepared for a quickie Vegas wedding.

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