Scandal Between the Sheets by Brenda Jackson When reporter Jasmine Carmody began hanging around Savannah's most respected family looking for a story, protective Wesley Brooks warned her off. Day and night, she sensed him shadowing her every move, felt his every breath and wanted his touch... The Boss Man's Fortune by Kathryn Jensen Ian Danforth's new assistant was hiding something. Gorgeous Katie O'Brien was too self-assured, too haughty and too dismal a typist to be a temp. In a matter of days, Katie had Ian out of the boardroom and into the bedroom. He was everything she wanted - but he was also everything she was running from! Challenged by the Sheikh by Kristi Gold Sheikh Raf Shakir's solitude on his horse farm was shattered when Imogene Danforth came to him with a proposal he couldn't refuse - and a body he couldn't resist. Together, Raf and Genie were fire and ice, red-hot and shivery. Yet could he let go of the secret he carried?

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