Cowboy Crescendo by Cathleen Galitz Rancher Toby Danforth was a strong, independent man looking for a nanny for his motherless son who would do things his way. What he got was a stubborn beauty with a gift for handling his son, and a talent for reminding him what men and women were made for... Steamy Savannah Nights by Sheri WhiteFeather Confronting her biological family had long been Lea Nguyen's dream. But now, instead of getting to know her father, she spends sensual nights with his sexy and brooding bodyguard, Michael Whittaker, and keeps her secret... The Enemy's Daughter by Anne Marie Winston Adam Danforth could have had his pick of Savannah beauties, but the only woman who tempted him was the daughter of his father's most venomous rival. Adam should have been suspicious but his desire for her was wild and uncaged!

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