Data leaks expose your customers to identity theft and your business to security risks. But how do you set up a data loss prevention plan? Start with Data Leaks For Dummies!Now more than ever, its critical to keep your company data locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Data Leaks For Dummies has the scoop on whats at risk, how leaks happen, how to keep your data safe without being inflexible, and even what to do if the worst happens. It shows you how to:Identify risk by learning to see your data the way a criminal wouldRecognize how innocent mistakes, common carelessness, and malicious insiders also pose a threatLearn how to defend against phishing, e-mail threats, and wireless security breachesBe alert for social engineering attacks, suspicious contract workers, dumpster divers, and plain old eavesdroppersPlan for safe disposal of old hardware, use caution with SMS and e-mail archives, and be aware of how Webcasts and conference calls can be invadedDiscover how crooks steal data in public places such as Internet cafesDevelop a recovery plan, build a team, and even manage press coverage should data loss occurYoull learn why free data storage devices could cost you a lot, how to protect mobile devices, why data corruption might be even worse than data loss, and how you can help software developers build safer applications. Data Leaks For Dummies will help you protect your customers, the reputation of your business, and your bottom line.

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