Have you ever wished you could read your date's mind and find out what he's really thinking? Now you can! Professional interrogator Greg Hartley and author Maryann Karinch are here to teach you how to unmask any man in minutes. Using actual intelligence techniques from Hartley's military career, you'll learn how to:Read a man's body languageUnderstand his nonverbal cuesFind out if he's lyingDate Decoder also helps you answer those questions that plague you in the early stages of a relationship:Is he really interested in me?What can I do to make him let his guard down?I think he might be cheating-how can I be sure?What's really going on in that pretty little head of his?You'll also learn how to assemble your own date-decoding toolkit, including everything you need to interpret and influence your date. Finally, you can stop wasting time and start dating smarter!

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