The central theme of Deadly Dermatologic Diseases book entails disorders capable of directly or indirectly causing death of the patient. The book will be organized around four sections dealing with dermatologic diseases involving serious cutaneous malignancies including melanoma; life-threatening and/or emerging infectious pathogens including anthrax and smallpox; endocrinologic disorders such as myxedema or calciphylaxis; autoimmune disorders and inborn errors of metabolism such as scleroderma and hemochromatosis. The sections are organized alphabetically and color-coded for easy reference. Approximately 40 disease states are discussed with accompanying full-color clinical and microscopic photography. Each entity contains a single clinical photograph accompanied by three photomicrographs detailing the diagnostic features of each case. Subsections detailing the demographic attributes, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, pathologic features, diagnostic adjuncts, treatment, and prognosis with a current bibliography of each disease state are presented in a succinct bullet-style manner.The pedagogical value of Deadly Dermatologic Diseases is the unique presentation of a variety of dermatologic entities capable of directly leading to or are associated with serious medical consequences, including death. As these entities present in a variety of clinical and pathologic guises or represent emerging pathogens such as anthrax or smallpox, it is important that clinicians and pathologists are appraised of these important public health concerns.With both a 'review' and 'test' mode, the user will have an excellent tool for self-evaluation and practice for certification exams.

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