Take control of your problems and your workplace. Do you have an employee who isn't performing, isn't producing or doesn't show up at all? Or does your workplace seem to be a breeding ground for all kinds of employee problems, large and small? No matter what the problem is, this book can help. Dealing With Problem Employees provides proven techniques-- and more importantly, immediate fixes-- for dealing with the inevitable problem employee. Find out how to:avoid hiring problem employeesrecognize who is and isn't a problem employeehelp problem employees get back on trackinvestigate problems and complaintsconduct performance evaluationsapply progressive disciplinesuspend employeesfire employeeshandle severances and referencesinstitute effective policies and proceduresThe 6th edition includes the latest legal developments, including changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Medical Leave Act, as well as recent Supreme Court decisions on retaliation. Information in all 50-state charts is also updated.

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