When was the last time YOUR unshaven armpits got YOU into trouble?! In Jude's case it's when... well, let's just say she's unable to respond in the affirmative to the challenge: "... hands up if you lurve Jeeeeeee-sus... come on... let's see those arms raised high!..." Jude Singleton, the patron saint of single Christian lasses, is desperate for two things, namely a bloke... and the truth. The truth? Yeah, you know - God, Christianity, Church, dodgy guitar chords... the whole package. She meets with opposing forces - about ten thousand of them (give or take the odd few who dropped out in the first semester). Days after starting at Bymouth University, a 'freaky' dream knocks her off her cosy Christian perch... she lands in reality city with more of a bump than might be imagined, or desired. Doubt sets in, big-time. Fear pays a visit, and Confusion has a field-day. Join her as she struggles to find the perfect bloke, learn to drive, learn to 'club', resist the temptation that is Pringles, fake her faith at the Christian Union... and suss out exactly what it is she believes in...

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