Lillian is writing a biography of the writer James Hyde-Lee, and finally secures an interview with him in his Italian home. But she is to find so much more than an aged writer willing to talk to a biographer. Behind the civilised facade of the Englishman abroad is a world of cruelty, humiliation, degradation and slavery! The kindly old man, a friend of Lillian's father, has a sadistic half-brother and an even more sadistic and evil manservant, who are both delighted with the beautiful Lillian and immediately begin to lure her into their world of BDSM. Lillian finds Lee-Hyde's secret diaries and belatedly realises that her father was once part of this vicious world, a revelation that shocks and horrifies her and makes her realise there is no escape from the savagery that surrounds her. Deceived and enslaved, slowly but surely the proud English girl is taken through the changes which strip away the independence and pride that once sustained her, forcing her into submission. The trap is well and truly set!

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