In a society obsessed with celebrities, baby Muffin's death is big news. Was it cot death, or something more sinister? Everyone wants to know including the police. The bereaved parents, celebrity couple Jodee and Chazz, live in curate Callie Anson's parish, and Callie becomes involved with the funeral arrangements in spite of the disapproval of the vicar and his wife.Detective Inspector Neville Stewart is called away from his honeymoon to investigate the case, with disastrous personal results, and journalist Lilith Noone's professional future is put on the line when she becomes embroiled in a dangerous flirtation with celebrity culture.Meanwhile, for police family liaison officer Mark Lombardi, the death of baby Muffin is eclipsed by another fatality, much closer to home. He finds himself in an impossible position, torn between loyalty to his wife and growing love for Callie.

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