Dental Biomechanics provides a comprehensive, timely, and wide-reaching survey of the relevant aspects of biomechanical investigation within the dental field. Leading the reader through the mechanical analysis of dental problems in dental implants, orthodontics, and natural tooth mechanics, this book covers an increasingly important and popular subject area. It also addresses a number of contemporary discussions including:Hard and soft tissue mechanicsRelief procedures using computer tomography, evaluation of image processing techniques, and pre-surgical activityDental materials relating to implants, titanium cast devices, metallurgic problems and implant surface treatmentsMechanical testing procedures for reliability evaluation of dental devicesRelevant aspects of clinical practice with reference to biomechanical problemsOrthodontic treatments in relation to the mechanical characteristics of orthodontic appliancesNumerical modeling in dental biomechanics, highlighting the relevance of this approach for the investigation of dental problemsMechanics of materialsA unique book, Dental Biomechanics will be of interest to all bioengineers and clinicians with its presentation of a multidisciplinary approach to dental biomechanics based on mechanical, clinical, and chemical-physical knowledge.

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