Design and Construction of Coordination PolymersEdited byMao-Chun HongLing ChenA Unique Resource on coordination PolymersCoordination polymers are a growing, interdisciplinary field with numerous potential applications in chemistry and materials. Design and Construction of Coordination Polymers provides a comprehensive introduction to this field, focusing on synthetic strategies, structures, properties, and potential applications. Each chapter provides a unique perspective on coordination polymers, offering a dedicated approach as well as deeper insights on the most important facets of this interdisciplinary area.Combining the consistent editorial approach of a textbook with the up-to-date data and topics usually found in the latest monographs and handbooks, Design and Construction of Coordination Polymers offers an unparalleled reference to the state of the art. Among other topics, it covers:Coordination polymers with versatile structuresCrystal engineering of coordination polymersOrganic/inorganic hybrid complexes based on polyoxometalatesMolecular-based magnetic and ferroelectric compoundsHeavy main-group iodometalatesGas storage MOFsBioinorganic coordination complexesAddressing a wide range of readers, Design and Construction of Coordination Polymers will prove an invaluable resource to everyone from senior-level undergraduate and graduate students to working scientists.

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