Best practices, practical advice, and design ideas for successful ecommerce searchA glaring gap has existed in the market for a resource that offers a comprehensive, actionable design patterns and design strategies for ecommerce searchbut no longer. With this invaluable book, user experience designer and user researcher Greg Nudelman shares his years of experience working on popular ecommerce sites as he tackles even the most difficult ecommerce search design problems. Nudelman helps you create highly effective and intuitive ecommerce search design solutions and he takes a unique forward-thinking look at trends such as integrating searching with browsing to create a single-finding user interface.Offers much-needed insight on how to create ecommerce search experiences that truly benefit online shoppersJuxtaposes examples of common design pitfalls against examples of highly effective ecommerce search design solutionsPresents comprehensive guidance on ecommerce search design strategies for the Web, mobile phone applications, and new tablet devicesShares the author's years of unique experience working with ecommerce from the perspective of the users experienceDesigning ecommerce Search is mandatory reading if you are interested in orchestrating successful ecommerce search strategies.

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