Ramirez's Woman by Beverly Barton Presidential candidate Miguel Ramirez was fighting for the future of his people - and his life. He needed a bodyguard but JJ Blair, the petite, raven-haired firebrand assigned to protect him, was irritating, infuriating...and intoxicating. Could Miguel really afford to be distracted? Her Royal Bodyguard by Joyce Sullivan Learning of her secret royal identity shocked Rory Kenilworth, but with "accidents" befalling her and bullets flying, she had no time for regrets. She had to claim her heritage - and somehow resist the fierce emotion blazing in the eyes of her hard-hearted, self-appointed, far too sexy bodyguard. Protecting the Princess by Carla Cassidy Princess Anna thought rugged cowboys like Tanner West no longer existed. She was a very real damsel in distress after her father's kingdom was overthrown and rebels wanted her dead. Tanner was the only man who could protect her, but who would shield her from falling dangerously in love?

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