As Ambient Intelligence (AmI) ecosystems are rapidly becoming a reality, they raise new research challenges. Unlike predefined static architectures as we know them today, AmI ecosystems are bound to contain a large number of heterogeneous computing, communication infrastructures and devices that will be dynamically assembled. Architectures will be sensitive, adaptive, context-aware and responsive to users needs and habits.Researchers need to both enable their user-friendly application in a growing number of areas while ensuring that these applications remain reliable and secure. Held in Sophia Antipolis (France) from September the 20th to September the 22nd 2006, the first edition of the AmI.d conference tackled the latest research challenges within AmI ecosystems, presented AmI applications as well as security solutions. The AmI.d conference featured an international programme committee, co-chaired by Professor Antonio Maña (University of Màlaga) and Dr. Volkmar Lotz (SAP). Professor Javier Lopez (University of Màlaga) served as General Chair and Mr Richard Bricaire (Strategies Telecoms and Multimedia) was the Organization Chair. This volume gathers all the papers selected by the Program Committee. Authors coming from renowned universities and industry research centres contributed to draw a comprehensive state-of-the-art in AmI applications and security research. Among others, the reader will find in-depth analysis of the following topics: - AmI in smart homes, - Distributed coordination, - Resource optimization, - Security, - Software engineering techniques applied to AmI, - Design of context-aware ambient services, - Context-aware Trust. Besides the research track, the AmI.d conference encompassed an open-track whose proceedings are available for download on the web:

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