Develop and manage chemical information systemsThis text provides a comprehensive overview of analyzing chemical problems using computer-aided methods for both newcomers and advanced computer scientists and chemists. In addition to practical how-to information and step-by-step descriptions, this resource includes case studies from Merck & Co., Inc., to further aid your understanding.This guide covers a wide range of cheminformatics topics, including:* Software development principles* Object-oriented approach* Building and buying* Agile and Iterative Development Process* UML Modeling* Deployment and Software Architecture* Presentation, Business, and Data Persistence Layer* Producing an entity dictionary* Chemistry Intelligence API* Plug and play--integrating with third-party toolsWritten by a former lead architect on the design of said systems at Merck & Co., Inc., this text not only lays out information, but also shares the author's experiences and advice on cheminformatics.

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