Developing Ecofeminist Theory is concerned with the understanding of systemic relations of social power in the context of multiple social differences. Gendered and natured relations of difference and inequality are conceptualized as part of specific systems of social domination. The book is controversial in defending and developing various feminist theories of 'patriarchy' in order to understand contemporary gender relations. Erika Cudworth draws on a range of perspectives in contemporary ecologism and green social theory in order to propose a concept of 'anthroparchy' (human domination of 'nature'). Drawing on feminisms, ecologisms and complexity theory in the social and biological sciences, the book argues that a 'multiple systems' approach is best placed to capture the complexity of social life, and in particular, the interrelations between different formations of social domination. It suggests that systemic relations of gender, nature, and other formations of difference, interrelate in complex and often ambiguous ways. The matrix of social domination however, is dynamic - constantly shifting and reshaping, so that change and potentiality is emergent in the rich complexity of all out difference.

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