Technology transfer is shown here to be much more complicated than the mere hand-over of new technology hardware to developing countries. It is about innovation and learning and its effective management depends on generating new knowledge and being able to react quickly and effectively to change. The book covers the practical issues of technology transfer, including product, process, cost reduction, integration of local materials, import substitution, employee involvement,and the improvement of safety and working conditions. These concerns are integrated with an analysis of theories of innovation, to identify the key stages in the process of technology transfer and achieve a working model of how such projects can be more effectively managed. Development through Technology Transfer seeks to combine technology transfer with other major related development issues, using company-specific examples to enrich an exploration of the complex and dynamic issues involved. It will provide readers with the very first comprehensive guide to the subject, and a solid foundation for the management of technology transfer to developing countries. 'A first class treatment of the role that technology transfer plays in promoting "economic" advancement of developing countries..a must read for every serious-minded scholar on issues of international business, international economic law, and development studies in general.' Kenneth Kaoma Mwenda, Journal of African Business

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