Saddam Hussein's Iraq, North Korea under the Kim dynasty and Yugoslavia in the Milosevic era all gained international notoriety through their rule-breaking behaviour. They join a long list of countries - labelled as outcasts, pariahs and rogues - that have failed to meet international standards of good conduct. In the Cold War years Rhodesia, Israel, Chile, Taiwan and South Africa, among others, featured in the ranks of the disreputable. In modern world politics, the serious sinners are not only states. Terrorists, rebels, criminals and mercenaries also participate in the great game of who gets what, when and how. Deviant Conduct in World Politics introduces the sociological notion of deviance to study offensive conduct in international politics. It highlights the rules of good behaviour that both state and non-state actors have violated, and takes a novel approach to break through the narrow parameters of the rogue state paradigm and other state-centric perspectives.

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