Dexys Midnight Runners was one of the greatest groops to come out of the UK. Often overlooked, the band is only now being fully appreciated for its passion, its commitment and its soul. In the first comprehensive history of the band, Richard White has conducted new, in depth interviews with many former members on the experience of being a Midnight Runner. Led by maverick originator Kevin Rowland, Dexys Midnight Runners was full of complex relationships and tensions which White now explores in fine detail. Rut the Dexys story is ultimately about music and three timeless albums, a dozen singles and numerous explosive gigs as well as record company clashes and continual personnel changes. The latest Dexys reinvention culminated in a triumphant 2003 tour. No one is betting it will be the final one, but until then this book is the last word on a great British band, long undervalued.

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