Harris Tobing delivers one of the most heartfelt love stories of the new century in his debut novel, 'The Diary'. It is an old-fashioned love story that cultivates hope that when you find your soul mate, grab that moment, and don't let go. Gabriel truly loved only one woman in his life, and that was Maria. When her diary is entrusted to him alone, in front of her husband Henry, and daughter Olivia, during the reading of Maria's last will, it launches an emotional journey in which Gabriel rediscovers their love and blossoming romance that had developed forty years earlier. While Maria's death occurs at the beginning of the story, she is very much alive throughout the novel - taking us back and forth in time throughout their historic journey that spans decades and countries. Ultimately, Gabriel shares prized snippets from the Diary with Henry and Olivia as they form a unique friendship, and gain new insights into the woman that each of them profoundly loved. In the end, the Diary leaves a profound and lasting emotional impact on the lives of those who cared about Maria.

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