PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS TO DIFFUSION-RELATED PROBLEMSThe Diffusion Handbook: Applied Solutions for Engineers provides more than 1,000 ready-made solutions to boundary-value problems associated with Dirichlet, Neumann, and Robin boundary conditions. The book also offers variations, including subdivided systems where the properties of each continuum are uniform but discontinuous at the interface; solutions involving boundary conditions of the mixed type, where the function is prescribed over part of the boundary and its normal derivative over the remaining part; and problems that involve space- and time-dependent boundary conditions.All semi-analytic solutions presented in this practical resource are accompanied by prescriptions for numerical computations. The diffusion coefficient and the initial and boundary conditions used in this book apply to fluid flow in a porous medium. All solutions can be equally applied to problems in heat conduction and mass transfer.COVERAGE INCLUDES:Integral transforms and their inversion formulaeInfinite and semi-infinite continuaBounded continuumInfinite and semi-infinite lamellaRectangleQuadrant layer and octant layerCuboidInfinite and semi-infinite cylindrical continuaBounded cylindrical continuumWedge-shaped infinite and semi-infinite continuaWedge-shaped bounded continuumWedge

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