The focus of Digital Design and Implementation with Field Programmable Devices is on a practical knowledge of digital system design for programmable devices. The book covers all necessary topics under one cover, and covers each topic just enough that is actually used by an advanced digital designer. The book is broken into three sections, covering digital system design concepts, use of tools, and systematic design of digital systems. This book provides a recap of digital design topics and computer architectures and shows the Verilog language for synthesis. In addition, for an industrial setting, the book shows how existing design components are used in upper level designs, and how user libraries are formed and utilized. Using Altera's UP2 programmable device development board with this book helps engineers test and debug their designs before programming their programmable devices on production boards. In an educational setting, the book can be used as a complementary book for the basic logic design course, or a laboratory book for the sophomore logic design lab, or as a textbook for senior level design courses. Using Altera's UP2 programmable device education board with this book helps students see their designs being implemented and tested, and thereby get a down-to-wire understanding of how things work.

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