Praise for the First Edition:"An excellent resource to review fundamental concepts that craft our understanding of the human body."The American Biology TeacherDigital Histology: An Interactive CD Atlas with Review Text offers a complete introduction to histology with superbly clear and thoroughly labeled images andillustrations within an elegant navigation structure. While the printed book provides a handy, consistentlystructured outline for your review of key issues in thestudy of human histology, the CD-ROM is an inter-active, annotated digital color atlas of micrographs.Features new to this edition include:Over 1,200 light and electron microscopic images (almost 500 more images than in the first edition) that can be superimposed with labels and descriptive legendsNew electron micrographs with diagrammatic overlays highlighting structural featuresNew sections on mitosis and meiosis, which contain stage-by-stage diagrams detailing structural eventsA side-by-side diagrammatic comparison of thestages of mitosis and meiosisExpanded coverage of supporting cells in nervous tissue; gametogenesis in the male and female reproductive systems; and hemopoiesisThe CD-ROM provides interactive learning on both Mac and PC platforms. In addition to its hundreds of new images, this new edition features a navigational tool that tracks current locations within the contents, as well as allowing linear and nonlinear access to any screen. It also features randomized viewing of images, especially helpful to use alongside the self-quizzes.Digital Histology is an indispensable learning tool for students and teachers in medicine, histology, human biology, anatomy and physiology, and pathology.

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