An essential resource for teaching and assessing student's use of technologyThis comprehensive book offers a practical pathway for developing twenty-first-century skills while simultaneously strengthening content-area learning. Digital Learning contains a wealth of research-based practices to integrate the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Education Technology Standards (NETS) for both students and teachers. Each of the suggested project-based learning examples (in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Geography) can be used successfully as stand-alone units, but are even more effective when approached in a cross-disciplinary way.Provides detailed descriptions of each of the NETS, how to teach them, and how to know if students are meeting themIncludes dozens of activities that integrate the NETS with each content area and align with Common Core standardsGives clear instruction on teaching twenty-first-century skillsIncludes a complementary DVD with video interviews and project maps to help see how students are progressingThe digital learning described in this book has been created to meet the diverse needs of students in a variety of situations.

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