Proper exposure techniques and tips in a single practical guideMost of today's cameras do all the work for the user, yet more and more photographers are looking to add some agility and aptitude to their do-it-all cameras. DigitalPhotography Exposure For Dummies builds upon skills introduced in Photography For Dummies to guide you through creating the perfect shot. Using aperture and shutter speed techniques, as well as knowledge of ISO sensitivity, lens choice, lighting, and color, you will learn a variety of methods and scenarios to produce astonishing and gripping images.Learn how to control the amount of light let into the lens for each photoFeatures full-color examples and comparisons in techniquesBreaks down the settings and adjustments that should be made to achieve different effectsIncludes suggested exercises to apply as you become more comfortable with new techniquesThe step-by-step instructions in DigitalPhotography Exposure For Dummies allow you to get the picture you want every time!

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