Warning: This book is not for the faint hearted. Like those that came before it, this fifth instalment in the best-selling Dirty Dozen series is a true inside account of some of Australia's most gruesome and intriguing crime cases. Get inside the head of Carl Williams - the now dead gangland-war killer - through letters he wrote before his own violent murder in jail. Discover why other criminals, in their own words, helped him carry out his murder campaign and learn what detectives really thought of him. Why was he killed? You might be surprised.Step into the secret and salacious world of millionaire Herman Rockefeller, a devoted family man and church goer with an insatiable craving for sex with "swinging" strangers. Follow the story through the eyes of two killer swingers who brought Rockefeller's life to a grisly and undignified end. Read with horror why cheating husband Fred Boyle killed his wife and stuffed her in a 44-gallon drum - before carting her around with him for twenty three years until her remains were discovered by a spooked relative. From best-selling crime writer and journalist Paul Anderson, this book gives you exclusive access through first-hand accounts of everyone involved in each case.

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