The New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of Pecking Order offers a daring collection of erotic tales about the undeniable attraction older men have for younger women. Omar Tyree is known by his fans for pulling the sheets all the way off in his writing, and Dirty Old Men (And Other Stories) is no different. Dirty Old Men (And Other Stories) include: - ""The Bartender"": a married man is tempted by a young female bartender at his after-work hangout. - ""Skin Deep"": a veteran photographer falls head over heels for a young model, who in turn is the mistress of a magazine publisher. - Not even strokes or heart attacks can stop one older man from sleeping with younger women in ""Addicted to It."" - In ""Sugar Daddy Rules,"" an older man teaches a friend how to score with younger women. With Tyree's signature frank sex talk and insight into the historical attraction older men have for younger women, Dirty Old Men (And Other Stories) is an energizing, erotic read.

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