According to Dr. Richard Land, both sides of America's culture wars are getting it wrong. God has muchmore to do with America than the Liberal Left would have us believe. But the Conservative Right misses the mark too when they merge God and America, tacitly (or not-so-tacitly) assuming that "God is on our side." In an arena where "political balance" has come to mean people from opposite ends of the ideological spectrum screaming at one another on a talk-show panel, Dr. Land seeks common ground. In answer to the hot air of extremist rhetoric, he offers cool reason, historical context, and constructive ideas for the future. In this provocative book, Dr. Land unearths surprising insights as he probes questions such as: what liberals AND conservatives are both missing, and why;what a healthy role of religion in American life would look like; why ALL of us need the separation of church and state; whether this country has a special role to play in the world; and why this all matters to believers and non-believers. Are we the Divided States of America? Find out what you haven't been hearing in the God-and-country shouting match. Dr. Land sheds light where others-from left and right-sow confusion. One can disagree on specific policies and still laud the author's dedication to America's founding values and his grasp of the proper role of religion in public life. The Divided States of America? Is essential reading for fair-minded people.-Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of StateOne of the clearest, most tightly argued, and informative accounts of religion in the public square today. . . .Anybody who claims to know American political life without having read it is missing a lot of the story.-Michael Novak, American EnterpriseInstituteThis is a lucid statement of a reasonable position on the place of religion in public life. While the author writes from a committed, Evangelical standpoint, his views on church/state relations will be plausible to many who do not share his religious commitment.-Peter L. Berger, Boston UniversityBaptists in America have a vibrant tradition of defending freedom, and religious freedom in particular.This thoughtful book demonstrates how that tradition helps us to think in fresh ways about the foundations of freedom.-Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, First Things

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