Divorcing? Get the essential information on how to end a marriage fairly and inexpensively.Can you really have a civilized divorce? Ending a marriage is always difficult, but it need not be defined by financial or emotional conflict. Avoid huge legal bills and jockeying lawyers while protecting your kids -- turn to Divorce Without Court for help. The book guides you through a negotiated divorce, using divorce mediation or a new approach called "collaborative divorce." Encouraging and straightforward, Divorce Without Court explains:how mediation works how collaborative divorce works how to use either to end a marriage how to maximize opportunities for settlement how to get an agreement in writing how to find and use advisors Divorce Without Court provides the latest resources, contact information for state offices, national and regional organizations, and clear examples of what you can expect. The 2nd edition has been revised to reflect the most current trends in mediation, collaborative practice, and divorce law.

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