Many managers, supervisors and technical specialists find that some of their biggest challenges are associated with dealing with others. Often these challenges centre around those who report directly to them, but they sometimes relate to their peers and senior managers too. For example, when it comes to the underperformance of one of their people, they know they should address the issue, but they don't quite know how. Specifically, they don't know exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to ensure that they stay in the appropriate mental state while doing so. Do I Make Myself Clear? provides the reader with practical, easy to understand methods and strategies, illustrated with detailed workplace examples, which will maximise their chances of achieving their desired outcomes in their interpersonal interactions. The benefits of applying these principles include: Increased success in influencing others at all levels More productive working relationships Less workplace conflict Increased self-control Less work-associated stress. In short, this book is a valuable resource for any professional whose success in their role requires them to deal equably and effectively with others.

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