Tom Smith is the doctor you wish you had and he's got all the time in the world...You might make an appointment with your GP to enquire about a persistent cough or a septic toe. But when do you get to ask the questions that you really want the answers to? All those health mysteries - some trivial, some serious, some downright weird - they are the ones that really matter, the niggling worries which keep you up at night...Will I age at the same rate as my mother? Could my birthmark be cancerous? Why do women start growing hair on their chins at 35? Is a man's hand size really a sign of the length of his penis? This is your chance to corner a doctor at a party and boldly go where no patient has gone before...Dr Tom Smith, gently urbane and seemingly unshockable, answers your questions with a wit and wisdom that sadly your own doctor just never seems to have time for.

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