A sharp, dark, humorous debut about a teenage commando wannabe who runs amok in a boot camp for juvenile delinquents.Fourteen-year-old Loren is obsessed with all things military: Special Forces, secret missions, rules, and regulations-it's all so finite and orderly. Especially compared to other parts of Loren's life. His mom, for example, keeps introducing him to a string of loser boyfriends, and the latest one, the golf pro, is so irritating that Loren decides to stage a night raid and vandalize his beloved golf course. When the mission goes embarrassingly awry, Loren's mom sends him to Camp Ascend!, where a dedicated staff of specialists are trained to whip "mixed-up" teens back into shape. Or so it seems.What Loren's mom doesn't know-and what Loren soon discovers-is that Camp Ascend! is actually a scam run by an ex-con nicknamed "the Colonel," his ditzy, overly tanned wife, and her manic, kid-hating brother. And so Loren finally has a real-life mission: to free himself and his new posse of delinquent friends from Camp Ascend! and to take the place down.About the AuthorJeff Garigliano is a magazine editor living in New York City. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served as an officer in the navy for five years before getting a master's degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dogface is his first novel.

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